PRODUCTS - Dryer Burner

TYPE: low-noise, low-nox, high-pressure atomizing
FUEL APPLICATION: diesel oil / heavy oil / natural gas (propane) / LNG


  • Swirl generator creater high swirl, low pressure mixing zone for the maximum flame retention, faster heat-up and cool-down, achieving very lower fuel consumption.
  • Compressed air atomization system gives better flame control & fuel atomization, easy preheating of the plant with high efficiency, allowing 10 : 1 turndown on oil firing.
  • Double quarl puts heat where needed lower fuel costs and optimum plant production because of built-in flame shaping ability.
  • Totally enclosed burner, which is completely sealed to dryer assures minimal noise and less pollution.
  • Liquid filled gauges give continuous ang accurate readings for efficient heat/flame adjustments.
  • Burner has turbo-fan providing 100% of the air required for complete combustion throughout the entire firing range.
  • Noise level below 90DB(A) to meet enviromental requirements
  • Combustion chamber can easily be separated from dryer by means of sliding rail and wheels allowing for easy checking of the combustion chamber and dryer.
  • Burner has automatic ignition electrodes to propane gas nozzle. Also has flame eye to avoid the fuel injection without the fire inside the dryer for safety.

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